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Tattoos have existed for thousands of years, which means the desire to have them removed has existed for just as long a period. Early tattoo removal procedures generally had less than satisfactory results. In some cases, scars can be created in place of the tattoo.

With the enlighten handpiece system by Cutera, the process can be more flexible and comfortable. This is one of the first dual wavelength and dual pulse duration laser systems available. It allows for the efficient treatment of tattoos of various pigments and colors.

The handpiece is adjustable in terms of wavelengths, duration, repetition rate, and spot-size. It is easy to use, with a navigational touchscreen available.

If you seek the highest quality tattoo removal services in Cincinnati, you can see our specialists at Identity Tattoo Removal. We look forward to addressing your needs and ensuring your unwanted tattoo becomes a thing of the past.

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