Tattoo Removal FAQ

Cutera Enlighten removes even the most difficult tattoos.

Tattoo Removal FAQ

Does tattoo removal hurt?

Generally, the process feels similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin. Any pain can be treated with an injectable or topical substance. Our team will ensure the process is as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

How does the removal process work?

This depends on the methods used. They can be removed with lasers and technology such as enlighten. They can also be removed with dermabrasion, surgery, C02 lasers, and salabrasion.

Does the process result in scars?

The chances of scars developing depends on the method being used. Lasers have a low probability of scarring, especially if the treatment is performed by an experienced and skilled physician. Patients with dark skin tone or have immune system deficiencies may have a higher chance of developing scars. If there are additional concerns that you believe may affect the probability of scarring, you can contact us.

Does it work for all tattoo colors?

If the right technology and approach is being utilized, tattoo removal can work for various colors. Generally, most treatments are optimized for black ink, while red, pink, orange, and warm colors also respond well. Purple and yellow ink also work well, but green, teal, and blue ones require laser-assisted approaches.

Does it completely erase the tattoo?

Most treatments result in tattoos being removed in a sufficient manner. There can be other types of tattoo ink that have not been thoroughly tested, which makes it difficult to estimate the extent of removal.

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