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Cutera enlighten provides a tattoo removal system that is among the most effective in the field. It addresses various types of stubborn discoloration and tattoo pigments. Known as enlighten, it is one of the first dual wavelength and dual pulse duration laser systems in the world.

The handpiece allows treatments to be completed efficiently and conservatively. It has a fast start-up time and can be applied to patients of multiple skin types. There is almost no wait time, so you can leave the treatment room earlier and return to your daily routine.

The modern features of enlighten allow for instant adjustment of spot-size, wavelengths, duration, and repetition rate. The easy to use 12.1” touchscreen can be navigated on to ensure the most optimal results.

The therapeutic energy delivered by enlighten provides the highest pulse in its class. The energy is distributed through a range of spot sizes. The fluence is adjusted to varying levels, allowing for the highest flexibility among other technologies. The primary result, an efficient tattoo removal process that does not intrude on patient comfort or safety.

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